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Viscous corrugated heating patch S03
Viscous corrugated heating patch S03

Viscous corrugated heating patch S03

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The Adhesive Contoured Heating Patch S03 aids the healing process and aids in return to motion by increasing blood flow to the affected area to deliver more oxygen and nutrients. Activate from 60 seconds to relive neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain or stiffness, muscle soreness or pain and back pain.

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  • Viscous corrugated heating patch S03




    Model: S03

    Size (mm): 295*90 mm

    Weight (grams): 50+-5

    Temperature (°C): 39-47/50-63

    Duration: 8 hours

    Basic UDI-DI: 69756757606S03FL

    Whether it contains glue: With adhesive




    The Adhesive Contoured Heating Patch S03 provides up to 8 hours of temporary, targeted, continuous pain relief for neck tension, upper back pain, shoulder pain and joint pain or stiffness. These heat patches are odorless and can be applied directly to the skin or worn under clothing.

    ▪ Up to 8 hours of pain relief and up to 8 hours of heat when worn

    ▪ Unscented, unobtrusively soothing, discreet and stays in place, perfect for work or social occasions

    ▪ Fast, activates within 60 seconds

    ▪ For targeted relief, apply directly to painful areas

    ▪ Everyday friendly - use 2-3 times a day (as needed)

    ▪ Thin, contoured patch for easy application

    ▪ Air activated, single use

    ▪ Can relax tense muscles and enhance flexibility and mobility.

    ▪ Change the way you think about neck, wrist and shoulder pain. Can be heated to relieve muscle pain. Advanced design adapts to your movements. It hugs your skin and delivers therapeutic heat so you can get on with your day.

    Uses: Provides heat therapy and temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains from overexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis.


    The sticky contoured heating patch S03 activates in 60 seconds, providing up to 8 hours of penetrating warmth.

    Daily Pain Relief is suitable for:

    ▪ Back pain (on)

    ▪ Joint pain or stiffness

    ▪ Muscle ache

    ▪ Neck pain

    ▪ Shoulder pain

    ▪ Lasting - Up to 8 Hours of Pain Relief



    Open only when ready to use as the product is air activated.

    Tear open the plastic bag, tear off the protective film on the patch, stick the patch on the affected part on the clean and dry skin, and stick the sticky side on the skin. For delicate or aging skin, apply the sticky side of the patch to clothing. To remove, slowly peel off patch. After use, put in normal household waste. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or high temperatures.


    Instructions for use:

    ▪ Use on clean, dry skin.

    ▪ Peel off the plastic wrap and remove the protective film from the patch.

    ▪ The patch will activate in 60 seconds and keep warm for up to 8 hours.

    ▪ Apply the patch to the affected area, sticky side against the skin.

    ▪ To remove, slowly peel off the patch.

    ▪ For delicate or aging skin, place the sticky side of the patch on clothing.

    ▪ On flexible joints, use a dressing band to hold the patch in place. Do not bandage over the patch.

    ▪ Single use only

    ▪ This product is air activated - switch on only when ready to use.

    ▪ Do not attempt to reheat in the oven or microwave.

    ▪ Do not cut, massage, fold or wet the patch.

    ▪ Do not use if patch is damaged or torn.

    ▪ Store below 30°C.



    ▪ This product may cause burns.

    ▪ Age 55 or older: Your risk of burns increases as you age.

    ▪ Do not wear while sleeping.

    ▪ Check skin frequently during use.

    ▪ If you notice irritation or burns, remove product immediately.



    ▪ For external use only.

    ▪ Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

    ▪ Not suitable for children 10 years and under.

    ▪ Do not use on individuals who are unable to remove the patch themselves.

    ▪ Do not overuse medicines applied to the skin.

    ▪ Do not use with other heat sources.

    ▪ Do not use while sleeping.

    ▪ Do not apply pressure to the patch for prolonged periods of time.

    ▪ Do not use on sensitive, irritated or broken (including chafed) skin.

    ▪ Do not apply more than one patch to the same area within 24 hours.

    ▪ Do not ingest as ingredients may be harmful.

    ▪ Do not attempt to reheat in the oven or microwave.

    ▪ Do not cut, massage, fold or wet the patch.

    ▪ Do not use if patch is damaged or torn.

    ▪ Do not use if you are allergic to: plaster adhesive

    ▪ All heat patches have the potential to cause skin irritation, burns or blisters.

    If symptoms persist or irritation or overheating occurs, discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional.

    If pregnant, be sure to check for new symptoms (or if symptoms persist) consult your health professional.

    Consult your health professional before use if you have diabetes, poor circulation or skin condition, or if you have severe pain or injury.


    Do not use

    ▪ If your doctor does not recommend this product for you or your condition

    ▪ If the heating pad is damaged or torn

    ▪ Use with medicated patches, lotions, creams, or ointments

    ▪ On broken or sensitive skin (such as the abdomen)

    ▪ Bruising or swelling within 48 hours

    ▪ If you cannot apply and remove thermal stickers yourself

    ▪ Infants, children under 12 and some elderly people

    ▪ Not feeling heat in body parts

    ▪ If you are bedridden or prone to skin sores

    ▪ Use of other forms of heat, including electric heat

    ▪ Multiple heat packs close to each other


    Remarks: The above information is the conventional specification of all products. The specification of each product including temperature, duration and weight can all be customized by customer. 


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