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Printed pattern hot compress wrapping belt B09
Printed pattern hot compress wrapping belt B09

Printed pattern hot compress wrapping belt B09

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Graphical Heat Wrap B09 is a single-use, fast-acting, air-activated heat patch that provides effective, drug-free pain relief for up to 8 hours! The Printed Pattern Heat Wrap B09 is air activated and designed to heat gradually and reach maximum heat in approximately 30 minutes. . The use of heat to treat tense or tight muscles is well known. Printed Heat Wrap B09 is a safe and convenient way to relieve sore muscles.

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  • Printed pattern hot compress wrapping belt B09




    Model: B09

    Size (mm): 270*100 mm

    Weight (grams): 50+-5

    Temperature (°C): 39-47/50-63

    Duration: 8 hours

    Basic UDI-DI: 69756757605B09D4

    Whether it contains glue: With adhesive




    Provides a disposable, flexible, air-activated heating patch for pain relief. B09 Pattern is a single-use air-activated heat patch for long-lasting pain relief. Heat therapy for tense or sore muscles is a well known method. B09 Printed thermal wrap is a safe, highly effective and drug-free treatment.

    ▪ Heat pain relief for up to 8 hours.

    ▪ Odorless, concealed and stays in place.

    ▪ Patented thermal chamber for deep penetrating heat


    These Graphic Heat Wraps B09 are thin and provide up to 8 hours of targeted, soothing temporary pain relief for back pain, sore or aching muscles, stiff joints, strains and sprains. Extra large and comfortable to wear, these unscented patches can be applied directly to the skin or worn under clothing for all-day relief.The Printed Pattern Heat Wrap B09 aids the healing process and aids in return to motion by increasing blood flow to the affected area to provide more oxygen and nutrients.

    Activate from 60 seconds to ease:

    ✔Neck and shoulder pain

    ✔ Muscle aches or pains

    ✔ Joint stiffness

    ✔Back pain (including low back pain)



    1. Make sure the skin in the application area is clean, dry and free from make-up, and has recently used skin moisturizers, lotions and other topical pain relievers.

    2. Lay the wrap flat on your skin, making sure the deeper heat cells are facing the skin.

    3. Be careful when handling the package to prevent over tightening.



    ▪ This product may cause burns.

    ▪ Age 55 or older: Your risk of burns increases as you age.

    ▪ Do not wear while sleeping.

    ▪ Check skin frequently during use.

    ▪ If you notice irritation or burns, remove product immediately.


    Do not use

    ▪ If your doctor does not recommend this product for you or your condition

    ▪ If the heating pad is damaged or torn

    ▪ Use with medicated patches, lotions, creams, or ointments

    ▪ On broken or sensitive skin (such as the abdomen)

    ▪ Bruising or swelling within 48 hours

    ▪ If you cannot apply and remove thermal stickers yourself

    ▪ Infants, children under 12 and some elderly people

    ▪ Not feeling heat in body parts

    ▪ If you are bedridden or prone to skin sores

    ▪ Use of other forms of heat, including electric heat

    ▪ Multiple heat packs close to each other


    Remarks: The above information is the conventional specification of all products. The specification of each product including temperature, duration and weight can all be customized by customer. 


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